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12 Brews of Christmas: #3 Sage Advice

Posted on Nov 17, 2014 by in 12 Brews of Christmas 2014, Beer, Citrus, Herbs, Spice | 0 comments

Sage citrus beer

Sage citrus beerOn the third day of Christmas… it took me over an hour and a half to get home from work and I think I must be crazy to have started this project.

Nevertheless, I dragged my tired self to the kitchen and threw together a 45 minute herbal, citrus concoction. I only made a 48 oz. batch.
Sage beer ingredients

The ingredients are:
1 oz of dried sage (That I dried myself from 2 week old Farmer’s Market Red Sage.)
1 fresh laurel bay leaf (not pictured)
6 crushed juniper berries
12 crushed coriander seeds
The juice from 1 organic lemon
The juice from 2 tiny satsuma oranges
Approximately 1/3 of a bag of dark brown sugar (Not scientifically measured.)
50oz. H2o
Teaspoon or so of grab bag yeast (see below)

1. Boiled water to 165 degrees then lowered to a simmer
2. Added crushed sage, bay leaf, citrus juices and sugar. Boiled this for 30 minutes
2. After 30 minutes added crushed juniper berries and coriander seeds. Boiled for an additional 9 minutes

After cooling down to around 70 degrees-ish, I added the yeast.

I am not going to lie. During the first 10 minutes of the boil this smelled like bad breath and turkey stuffing. After 20 minutes the smell mellowed out and I think there might be possibilities to this batch especially after adding the juniper berries and coriander. Only time will tell….

Bag of yeast And now a word about the “grab bag yeast.” I used to keep my half used yeast packets together in a blue plastic bag (shown here.) One day I pulled the bag out of the fridge and all the yeast from several different strains had spilled into the bag. Hence the name “grab bag yeast.” So I really don’t know what will happen. There is a little Champagne yeast, some US-05, Nottingham Yeast, Safale 04, Safale-33 and a few more. That’s the way it goes. Why waste it. Let’s just see what happens.



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