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12 Brews of Christmas: #4 Grandma’s Make-up

Posted on Nov 18, 2014 by in 12 Brews of Christmas 2014, Beer, DME, Herbs, Safbrew-33 | 0 comments

Lavender beer ingredients

Lavender beer ingredients
On the fourth day of Christmas… I wasn’t sure if I should call this “Grandma’s Make-up” or “New Age Bookstore.” Grandma wins out this time around. As you might’ve guessed, today’s brew is made with lavender flowers. mmmmmnnn… smells like Grandma’s make-up.

After yesterday’s crazy batch I decided to stick to more traditional ingredients, plus the beautiful organic lavender flowers from Monterey Spice Company.

Here are the ingredients:
1 lb. extra light dry malt extract
4 teaspoons Lavender flowers
.25 oz. Falconer’s Flight hops
68 grams Belgian Candi sugar
1/3 of a packet of Safale 33 yeast.
1 gal. H2O

1. Boil water to 165 degrees
2. turn off stove and carefully add and stir in dry malt extract
3. Turn stove back on. Keep liquid at a slow rolling boil
4. Add 4/5ths of hops and 1 teaspoon lavender
4. at 35 minutes add last of the hops.
5. at 40 minutes turn off stove and add rest of lavender and Belgian Candi Sugar

Cool in ice bath to 70ish degrees.

Pour into 1 gallon jug using funnel and strainer.
As always make sure tools and containers are washed with soap and water and finished with sanitizer.
Stop jug with an airlock filled with water, sanitizer or in my case vodka.

Wow, this batch sure fizzed up when I poured it into the fermenter. I have a feeling it might be due to the dry malt extract. The last DME batch had a similar although not quite extreme head. Hopefully it doesn’t explode overnight.

Four down, eight to go. See you in a couple of weeks.



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