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12 Brews of Christmas: #6 Simpliciddy Cider

Posted on Nov 20, 2014 by in 12 Brews of Christmas 2014, Cider, Fruit, Lalvin D-47 | 0 comments

Simpliciddy cider close up

On the 6th day of Christmas… I decided to mix things up a bit and make a batch of Hard Cider. Hard??? This is the easiest batch of hooch you can make. It’s the perfect after work project.

I wasn’t sure exactly how to make it and the internet recipes were all over the map not to mention some of my other brewing books. So I headed down to the local brew shop during lunch for some advice. The Home, Beer, Wine, and Cheesemaking Shop in Woodland Hills has by far the best brewing book selection in the state and they directed me to The Everything Hard Cider Book. After a quick scan I knew it was perfect.

The language is straightforward and the recipes sounded tasty.

simpliciddy-ciderSeriously this took less than 20 minutes to make. I purchased a gallon of organic apple juice from Erewhon added some D-47 yeast and a little yeast nutrient and that’s it.

The funny thing is, the recipe said to warm the cider to 60 degrees. Um, I live in California…

Oh well. Let’s see what happens.

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