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Cardamom Ale

Posted on Nov 2, 2014 by in Beer, Spice | 0 comments

Cardamom Ale in Primary Fermenter
Cardamom Ale in Primary Fermenter

Cardamom Ale in Primary Fermenter

Even though I only make one gallon or so batches of beer, I am finding that using separate containers for primary and secondary fermenting is resulting in better brews. Fortunately the local Home Brew stores are supporting us little guys and gals now by providing small buckets with pre-drilled airlock holes.

Cardamon Ale Primary Bucket - Opened

After cracking it open, I see the three little Cardamom pods are still floating on top. It doesn’t smell as “Cardamomy” as I would’ve hoped. Sometimes brewing is a crapshoot. Maybe I can add honey when I bottle it to goose it a bit.

Cardamom Ale in Primary Fermenter

Cardamom Ale in Secondary Fermenter

OK all set to sit around for a week or two more.

In my home brew class they said the basic brewing process is two weeks in the Primary fermenter, two weeks in the Secondary fermenter, and two weeks bottled before putting them in the fridge. It’s a nice plan of action but I still fudge a bit based on when the beer starts to clear and if there is still action happening in the airlock.

Take good notes is all I say.



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