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Moment of Truth: Grapefruit Honey Tasting

Posted on Nov 4, 2014 by in Beer, Citrus, Honey, Moments of Truth | 0 comments

Grapefruit Honey Beer

Grapefruit Honey Beer
OK, I just cracked open the first bottle of the Grapefruit Honey Brew from about 5 weeks ago.

Carbonation: Nice little pop upon opening.
Visual: Very clear caramel yellow color. No sediment in the glass. Not overly carbonated with the perfect amount of fizz for the style.
Style: Who knows??? Who cares???
Taste: I can definitely get a slight “grapefruity” taste but I think if you didn’t know it included grapefruit you wouldn’t know what it was. Since the honey was used strictly for priming, I don’t get any honey notes. It’s really good but I think more of a Summer drink rather than early November. I am pleased. I drank the rest with a spicy meal and it worked really well. Despite being light, it has nice flavor. Not wimpy.

Final verdict: If I made this again I would add something to give it a little more distinction. It’s good and I enjoy drinking it but It’s not something to put in my memoirs. Carry on…

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