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Moment of Truth: Mr. Beer ESB

Posted on Nov 28, 2014 by in Beer, Liquid Extract | 0 comments

Tasting Mr. Beer Home Brew

Tasting Mr. Beer Home Brew

I don’t care what you say, I like Mr. Beer. This was my first batch of Mr. Beer made from one of their seasonal kits. After all the negativity on the web about Mr. Beer I was thinking this was going to be nasty but it is actually pretty good.

It was clean and fresh with little fruitiness and spice. I used one of the Cooper’s carbonation drops instead of sugar for priming and as you can see it resulted in a full head.

It is missing a little fresh hoppiness but you wouldn’t know the difference unless you’ve been drinking craft beers for awhile.

I think I will try this again and maybe goose it a bit with fresh hops. All in all a good brew.

Mr. Beer FermenterAlso, the ease of using the Mr. Beer fermenter cannot be beat.

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