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Moment of Truth: Speedy DME with Heather Tips

Posted on Nov 30, 2014 by in Beer, DME, Herbs | 0 comments

Drinking DME with Heather Tips

Drinking DME with Heather Tips

Sounds like beer. Looks like beer. It must be beer. Yes it is. This is the first tasting of the speedy dry malt extract experiment in which I added a few heather tips to the second fermenter. I can definitely smell the heather tips but I can’t say that I taste them.

This tastes like a straight ahead ale. Enjoyable, crisp, and bitter. The bitterness is not overwhelming and after it aired out a bit I tasted less of the bitterness. This batch was brewed with Falconer’s hops which I just happened to have in my freezer. These simple light dry malt extract brews are a good way to test the flavor of the hops. Based on this tasting, I might use the Falconer’s in darker beers from now on.

It’s good. I paired it with Paella and they matched well. It’s not terribly distinctive but I like it. Definitely worth tweaking in the future.

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