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Sweet Potato Lager

Posted on Nov 2, 2014 by in Beer, Saflager S-23, Vegetables | 0 comments

Milling grains with molcahete.

This next experiment is based on the Sweet Potato Lager recipe from Brooklyn Brewshops excellent Make Some Beer: Small-Batch Recipes from Brooklyn to Bamberg book.

I had my local home brew shop mill most of the grains and I thought I had some Caramel 10 at home. I actually had some Munich Malt so I used that instead. I have been buying a few unmilled grains to test with but since I don’t have a grain mill, I crack the grains “cave woman style” with a molcahete a.k.a., mortar and pestle.

Hand milled brewing grains
It takes longer and I would never crush 2 lbs. of grains with it but I think I did a pretty good job.

Boiled Sweet Potato
Next step was to boil and puree one sweet potato and divide it in half.

Northern Brewer's Hops
Then I happened to have about 17 grams of Northern Brewer’s hops in the freezer so I divided them into 6 portions for the boil.

Sweet Potato Lager Beer Mash I added half of the sweet potato puree to the mash.

During the Boil I added one batch of the hops every 15 minutes and at flameout.

Sweet Potato Lager Primary  Beer Fermenter As I’ve mentioned before, I find that even with small batches, using a primary fermenting bucket works really well especially with all-grain brews.

OK we’ll see you in a couple of weeks.

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