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12 Brews of Christmas: Lady White’s Basic Mead Bottled

Posted on Dec 28, 2014 by in 12 Brews of Christmas 2014, Honey, Lalvin D-47, Mead, Wine | 0 comments

Basic Mead bottled

This mead was brew number 2 from The 12 Brews of Christmas Project. Since this is a wine I left it in the primary fermenting bucket for a month and then transferred it couple of weeks ago to a secondary fermenter.

Basic Mead Secondary fermenterMeads and wines taste better when they age a bit so these probably won’t be opened for at least another 6 months.

I bottled 4 dry and 3 sparkling. This was my first batch of mead so I am very curious about the results. I tasted the dregs from the fermenter and even now it’s pretty tasty.

Check back in 6 months.

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