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Moment of Truth: 12 Brews of Christmas – Grandma’s Make-up

Posted on Dec 22, 2014 by in 12 Brews of Christmas 2014, Beer, DME, Herbs, Honey, Moments of Truth | 0 comments

Grandma's Make-up Tasting

I am not sure if I should rename this one. Maybe “Grandma’s Wig” instead of “Grandma’s Make-up.”

This is my first tasting of the lavender infused brew that I concocted as part of “The 12 Brews of Christmas.” This was brew number 4.

After the dust or rather foam settles, this brew is pretty tasty. The lavender is definitely there but not over-powering which I was afraid of while I was making it.

I think the Falconer’s Hops was a good choice. There is a slight citrus note which I think comes from the hops. There is no bitterness at all and I even had to check my notes to make sure I had added hops.

I am not sure why there was so much carbonation. I used honey as my priming agent and have never seen this before. Maybe the added Belgian Candy Sugar in the wort was all it needed. Live and learn.

I think this will make a nice summer beer. It’s very smooth, but packs bit of an alcoholic punch. Don’t drink and drive.




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