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Moment of Truth: 12 Brews of Christmas – Egg Nog Stout

Posted on Jan 4, 2015 by in 12 Brews of Christmas 2014, Beer, Stout | 0 comments

Tasting egg nog stout

I’m not over-the-top “wowed” by this one although there isn’t anything wrong with it. I just don’t see a huge difference between this and the Coffee Milk Stout or the other dark beer (Porter) that I’ve made. It is smokey and almost “light.” The nutmeg barely comes through. I think since I added oak chips to both stouts, that becomes the dominant flavor. Again, not bad, just not distinctive.

I’ve also noticed that the carbonation bubbles for all three of my dark beers are consistently large and almost soapy. I’m not sure what causes this. I need to do some research here although I don’t think I will be making too many stouts or porters in the future.

Overall it’s a good “drink-while-you-work-on-your-blog” beer and the flavor is enhanced as it warms up.

Here’s the link to the brewing post.

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