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Cherry Meyer Lemon Ale

Posted on Feb 9, 2015 by in Beer, Citrus, Fruit, Herbs, Safbrew-33 | 0 comments

Cherry Lemon Beer Wort

This is a Hollywood Farmer’s Market / Hollywood Jon’s Market mashup. Jon’s Market is one of my favorite grocery stores for middle eastern ingredients, treats and a really good produce section. I scored some cherries for a buck fifty a pound as well as some beautiful Thai basil and decided to make some cherry beer. I had a couple of Meyer lemons from my weekly Farmer’s Market forage and I was set to go.

The cherries and lemon slices and a couple of basil leaves were macerated in turbinado sugar for three days before I made the beer.

Cherry Lemon Beer Ingredients

Here’s the recipe:

1 gallon H2O
Handful of fresh chopped cherries
2 Meyer Lemons (Juice and rinds)
1/2 cup Turbinado sugar. (Adjust quantity as needed.)
Couple sprigs of Basil (Use whatever looks and smells right to you)
1 lb. Dry Bavarian Malt Extract (DME from local home brew store)
Yeast: SafBrew 33

Heat water to 170 degrees then turn it off.
Add Malt carefully and stir to dissolve.
Add half of the Cherry Lemon Basil mixture (See note above.)
Turn heat back on and continue a slow boil at about 170 degrees for 10 minutes or so.
Add remainder of Cherry Lemon Basil Mixture. Boil another 5-10 minutes
Turn off heat and add a few more basil leaves to your taste and smell.
Cool down to 70 degrees. (Use an ice bath)

After cooling, strain into a 1 gallon jug or fermenting bucket.
Add yeast, shake and add airlock.

Wait about 2 weeks before bottling.

Cherry Lemon Beer in FermenterAs usual I don’t know what’s going to happen. “Vaya con Dios,” as they say.

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