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Wild summer split batch

Posted on Jul 25, 2015 by in Beer, Citrus, Fruit, Herbs, Safale US 05, Saflager S-23, Wild Brews | 0 comments

Wild Summer Beer Ingredients

I love making beer from foraged wild plants. On a recent hike with the local Wild Edibles meetup group, I was able to collect some fresh mugwort and fig leaves. I also learned that alder bark could be used as a bittering ingredient in beer. Group leader Pascal Baudar (from Urban Outdoor Skills) sliced a few pieces off one of the trees for me. I used it in this 1 gallon beer recipe as well as the mugwort and fig leaves.

This recipe is once again adapted from a mugwort beer recipe that I found in the Sacred Healing and Medicinal Beer book. I am using pomegranate molasses that I found at Jon’s Market. Jon’s is a local Hollywood market that caters to our wonderful international communities.Pomegranate syrup It’s a treasure trove of delicious produce, baked good and specialty ingredients that you just can’t find anywhere else, especially at decent prices. If you live anywhere near Hollywood or are in the neighborhood, stop by and “forage” for interesting ingredients to add to your brews.

Anyway, back to brewing…

Wild Summer Beer FermentersI decided to split this 1 gallon beer recipe into two fermenters. In one fermenter I added some fresh, clean tangerine peel. It’s a gamble but what the heck. If it becomes contaminated, I’ve only lost less than a half gallon of beer. If you don’t want to split the batch then just don’t use the tangerine peel. Or…. toss caution to the wind and add it to the entire brew. Do whatever you want. That’s the fun of home brewing 1 gallon beer batches. If it turns out horrible you aren’t stuck with a lot of bad beer.

These are the ingredients for this 1 gallon beer recipe:

1 gallon plus a cup of water
12 oz. Dark brown sugar
6 oz. Pomegranate molasses
2.8 grams Dried alder bark
5.6 grams Dried mugwort leaves
2.8 grams Dried Fig leaves
Optional: A few tangerine peel slices
Yeast: US05 in 1st batch with tangerine, Saflager 23 in 2nd batch (About 1/3 of a package to each fermenter)

Brewing process:

1. Fill a stock pot with the water and add the alder bark. Bring to a boil. (Never cover a stockpot during the brew process.)
2. Add brown sugar, pomegranate molasses, fig leaves, half the mugwort and boil for 20 minutes.
3. Add remaining mugwort and boil for 10 minutes.
4. Cover the stockpot and remove from heat.
5. Cool in an ice bath to 70 degrees. Make sure to only uncover the pot to take the temperature with a clean, sanitized thermometer.
6. Funnel brew into fermenting jugs.
7. If splitting the batch, add clean tangerine peel to one of the fermenters.
8. Cover each fermenter with an airlock that is half filled with vodka, sanitizer or water. (I used tequila.)
9. Ferment for 10 days and then bottle.

Mugwort and Fig Leaves in Brew Pot

I am very curious about this 1 gallon split home brew. If it works out I might do more of them.

OK, see you in a few weeks for the moment of truth.

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