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Apple Datewort Beer

Posted on Aug 21, 2015 by in Beer, DME, Fruit, Herbs | 0 comments

Apple Figwort Beer ingredients

Once again the beauty of making 1 gallon beer recipes is that you can make use of anything around the kitchen that’s on the brink of being thrown out. In this case I had an apple sitting around for a couple of weeks that looked good when I bought it but was getting close to apple crisp time. I have some dates in the fridge that I use for smoothies and thought that they would pair well with the apple. I also had a handful of lonely Falconers hops in the freezer. For a little zing on the wild side I added a gram of mugwort to confuse people.

OK, here’s the 1 gallon beer recipe for a little brew I like to call “Apple Figwort.”


1 gallon water
1 lb. Briess Traditional Dark Wheat DME
1 chopped apple
11 dried dates
1 gram dried mugwort
5.6 grams Falconers Hops
pinch of licorice root
Yeast: S-33

Brew process:

At boil add DME and 2 grams of hops.
Boil for 22 minutes.
Add fruit and 3.6 grams of hops.
Boil for 30 minutes.
Add mugwort.
Boil for 5 minutes.
Remove from flame and cool in an ice bath to 70 degrees.
Strain into fermenting jug.
Add yeast and let it bloom a minute or so.
Cover jug with a sanitized hand and shake vigorously to oxygenate.
Seal Jug with stopper and airlock filled with sanitizer or vodka.
Bottle in 10 to 14 days or so.

Apple Fig Beer Wort

Yet another home brew freestyle. I hope it turns out delicious.

Serious update: The original title of this post was “Apple Figwort Beer.” However I used dates and not figs. Proving once again don’t drink and brew, kids. Thank you.



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