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Craizian Dark Ale

Posted on Aug 23, 2015 by in Beer, Fruit, Liquid Extract, Safbrew-33 | 0 comments

Raisin beer ingredients

Perusing through Zmurgy magazine today I stumbled upon a clone recipe for the amazing Dogfish Head Raisin d’Etre beer. I was too lazy to go out and buy the exact ingredients so I freestyled a recipe that includes raisins. It looks like a dark, meaty brew and I have no idea what to expect.

As I’ve said so many times before, don’t stress over 1 gallon beer brewing. Just use what you have and make beer. If it doesn’t work out there are ways to salvage the brew. I am working on a post for 1 gallon homebrew triage for a future post. Stay tuned.

This recipe once again uses the “brew in a bag” technique that I previously had success with. I am concerned that there is a lot of sugar in this recipe. I think I will go for a full 2 week primary fermentation and improvise from there.

Brew in a bag 1 gallon beer recipe

Here we go…

Ingredients for 1 gallon beer recipe:

1 gallon water
.7oz 60L Crystal Malt
.9oz 10L Munich Malt
.9oz Chocolate Malt
1.2 lb Liquid Malt Extract
.5oz Molasses
6grams Cluster hops
3 grams Mosaic Hops
34grams Golden raisins
46grams Clear Candied sugar
Pinch of Licorice root
Yeast S-33

Crushing beer grains

Brew Process:

Lightly crush your grains in a Molcahete (Mortar & pestle).
Place grains in cheesecloth or a “brew in bag” sock.
Boil water with bag of grains.
When water temp is around 170 degrees or boiling, add Malt and cluster hops.
Add pinch of Licorice root.
Boil for 45 minutes (remove bag of grains – optional.)
While waiting add a little of the wort to a blender and puree the raisins.
Add Raisin puree and sugar to the boil.
Boil 15 minutes.
remove from flame ad add Mosaic hops.
Cool to 70 degrees in an ice bath.
Add to fermenter.
Add yeast and oxygenate.



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