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Moment of truth: Amberdextris

Posted on Aug 9, 2015 by in Beer, Fruit, Safale US 05, Spice | 0 comments

Today I broke open a bottle of the Cherry Amber Ale that was a knock-off recipe from my original “Cherry Bomb” 1 gallon beer recipe. It’s another Stovetop Brews success story. Like my previous cherry beer, it doesn’t really have a profound cherry flavor. It finishes nicely though with a spicy clove finish. It is a bit over carbonated like my Cherry Bomb Brew. I wonder if the cherries have anything to do with it. It’s not a bad thing but something to ponder the next time I use cherries in my home brewing experiments.

This was a very easy beer to make and I will probably use the same process again for those nice, dry, everyday beers.

Happy summer!

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