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Moment of truth: Tale of two tastings

Posted on Aug 31, 2015 by in Beer, Moments of Truth, Wild Brews | 2 comments

I was really excited about the  Mugwort Pomegranate beer I made a few weeks ago. I had high hopes for the tasting. Unfortunately the first time I tasted it I was very disappointed with how flat it was. The flavor was excellent but without the fizz I considered it a failure.

The taste was so good I decided that I would try to save it by adding a conditioning tablet to the remaining bottles. Despite the messy process (1 bottle exploded into a gusher when I added a tablet,) I was hoping that letting it condition for a week might help with the carbonation.

As you can see here, there is a small bit of carbonation especially when I pour it, but the head retention is almost nonexistent. This second bottle was very drinkable though. It was very “fizzy” and the flavor was even better than before. The Pomegranate really comes through and the mugwort isn’t overpowering.

Wild side by side beer tasting

I still have three bottles left and I think i will just let them sit for another month and see if that changes anything. Fingers crossed and back to the drawing board..


  1. Hi Magda,
    I really enjoyed meeting you this past Saturday on the brew/walk with Pascal.

    Your brews you shared with the group after our hike were outstanding and tasted great. Very drinkable with some unique flavors and amazing that you brewed 1 gallon at a time.

    Your brews were much more tasty than Pascals we sampled in the evening!

    Let’s keep in touch. I will follow your posts.

    I am more of a facebook person. If you do facebook my address:

    Good luck with your future brewings. You are definitely on the right track! Your passion for the craft shows brightly! Congrats!

    Max Tennies

    • Thanks Max. It was also great meeting you. I am glad that you enjoyed the beers and hopefully you were inspired to brew your own. I brewed a batch with what we foraged and will post once it’s ready.

      Pascal is an inspiration. The class we took from him was definitely on the wild rustic side, but everything he showed us was pretty much my process except for longer fermentation times. He also skipped the bottling process. If you take his other classes, they are much more practical and he goes through the entire sequence. I learned a lot from this one.

      FYI I removed your personal info from this post to protect your privacy.

      Thanks again!

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