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Sarsaparilla Ale

Posted on Aug 31, 2015 by in Beer, Liquid Extract, Spice | 0 comments

Ingredients for Sarsaparilla ALe

Here’s another adaptation from Sacred Healing and Herbal Beers. I want to explore more with using barks and dried roots and this book is full of ideas.

This recipe seems to require a lot of sarsaparilla root but I am just going to roll with it. It’s adapted from an 1890 two gallon beer recipe. It smells a bit smokey right before fermentation. I am also adding ingredients to the fermenter using a “brew in bag” sock.

I’m not too sure about this one but I’m just going to roll with it.

Ingredients for a 1 gallon beer recipe:

1 Gallon water
2 ounces Dried Sarsaparilla root
6.5 grams Crushed Coriander seeds
Pinch of licorice root
2 lbs. Golden Liquid Malt Extract
Yeast: Nottingham ale

The brewing process:

Boil 3 grams coriander seeds, 1 ounce Sarsaparilla root and a pinch of licorice root in water for 30 minutes.
Add Liquid Malt extract and boil for 20 minutes
Remove from heat
Cool down to 70 degrees using an ice bath.
Strain into a food grade bottling bucket
Place remaining coriander seeds and sarsaparilla root in a muslin or cheesecloth “sock.”
Hang “sock in the fermenter and add yeast.

Sarsparilla ale boil
The¬†recipe says that this should be fermented 3 weeks before bottling. I am still on the fence about this but I might as well do it. (It’s so hard to refrain from improvising sometimes.)

Happy brewing!



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