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Moment of truth: Jazzy Lavender

Posted on Sep 1, 2015 by in Beer, DME, Safbrew-33 | 0 comments

Drinking Jazzy Lavender beer

There is nothing better than hearing that fizzy popping sound when you crack open the first bottle in a batch of homebrew. Yes Houston, we have carbonation…

I was worried about Jazzy Lavender since we did have a bit of heatwave here in Los Angeles while this was fermenting. Apparently there was no cause for alarm because this is one fine little brew. The other interesting thing about this beer is that I used grab bag yeast from multiple yeast packages that had spilled into my yeast container. In other words, this is the only brew of it’s kind. That’s how I roll…

It tastes really good, perfect for summer and paring with fruit. The Simcoe hops are not overbearing and while the jasmine and lavender flowers are competing for the final finish, it doesn’t taste weird. In a future batch I might stick with only one flower.

The head retention is amazing. This was the first batch after my Licorice Sage brew where I decided to add a pinch of licorice root to every batch after reading that it helps with head retention. It might be too early to tell if this is the case but I have a few other brews fermenting where I also added a pinch of licorice root. We’ll see if that’s what’s at work here.

This is a keeper. Happy brewing!

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