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Apricot Coriander Basil

Posted on Oct 31, 2015 by in Beer, DME, Fruit, Herbs, Spice | 0 comments

UPDATED 11-21-2-15

I’m not exactly sure what inspired me to make a batch of apricot beer but I suspect it was a combination of trying to riff on my strawberry basil success and wandering through the homebrew store smelling wonderful malts. This recipe uses the “brew in a bag” technique that I’ve used before in order to minimize messy grain cleanups. I combined some wonderful aromatic malt with coriander seeds, crushed them and tossed them in the bag while the water came to a boil. I am thinking of infusing cookie dough mix with this “tea” in the future. Beer cookies anyone?

Blended Apricot

Blended Apricot

OK here we go…

Ingredients for a 1 gallon beer recipe

1 8oz. Can of Apricots – Puree in a blender (Make sure there are no preservatives or additives)
1 gallon water
1lb. Light DME
60grams Aromatic Malts (Lightly crushed)
7grams Coriander seeds (Lightly crushed)
2g Simcoe hops (Added at top of 45 minute boil)
2.5g Fuggles hops (Added at 25 minutes in a 45 minute boil)
1.9g Fuggles hops (Added at flameout)
Handful of fresh basil (Added at flameout)
Yeast: Safbrew Abbaye

Apricot Basil Secondary Fermenter

Apricot Basil Secondary Fermenter

The brew was fermented for a week and then racked to a secondary. It looks pretty cloudy (I forgot to add irish moss.)

For bottling I have used Indian Jaggery sugar instead of the usual white sugar. Can’t wait to see what this turns out like in a couple of weeks.


Sad to say that this one was a dumper. There was little or no carbonation and the flavor was really flat. I think putting into a secondary probably wasn’t a great idea. The Jaggery sugar might have also been a mistake. Oh well, it happens. Time to water the plants with this batch.

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