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Moment of Truth: Crazian Dark Ale

Posted on Oct 11, 2015 by in Beer, Moments of Truth | 0 comments

Tasting raisin beer

To tell you the truth I have been sitting on this review in hopes of allowing this big dark mess of a beer to “mature” a bit. This is the brew based on a Dogfish Raisin beer recipe. There are lots of fermentables in here. Much more than I usually use in a 1 gallon beer recipe.

After two weeks I tasted it and nearly threw out the whole batch. It tasted like dirty cloves and the head was a dark brown color.

I decided to let it sit for another week or so and tried again. This time the head had cleared a bit. I still couldn’t drink it but the flavor had improved.

Craizian Dark AleSo here I go again. This beer was bottled on September 7th so it’s been conditioning for over a month. This time around I can actually drink a bit of it. The flavor is still strong and more of a sipping beer to share with friends and contemplate the madness of small batch brewing. I still wasn’t able to finish even a third of a bottle. There is still that hint of clove but it’s mellowed out and the beer actually looks and smells quite nice. I am not a fan of chunky dark beers so this one will never hit my brew pot again.

I think scaling back the sugars and maybe adding some orange bitters would make a fine dark brew if you like them.

I still have a few bottles and will continue to age them. Que sera, sera.

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