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Moment of Truth: Sarsaparilla Yuck!

Posted on Oct 4, 2015 by in Beer, Liquid Extract, Moments of Truth | 0 comments

Sarsaparilla beer tasting

All my worst fears are realized in this Sarsaparilla brew. It is just plain nasty. If you recall, this was another adaptation of an ancient recipe from the Sacred Herbal and Healing Beer book that I am a huge fan of. Occasionally it tosses up one of these ghastly brews that our ancestors had to endure using ingredients that they found lying around their backyard. These people had no taste if this is what they were drinking.

What I’ve learned from this is to trust my instincts when I make my brews. The 3 week fermenting time and unusually large quantity of malt was a concern of mine, but I just followed instructions. Never again. Stop, snif, see and smell. That’s the best way to brew.

So what does this taste like? Something burned, dusty and sad. No carbonation and just plain awful. Don’t even think about brewing this one.

Licking my wounds and hoping for the best with upcoming tastings.

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