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Blueberry Mugwort Insomnia Brew

Posted on Nov 6, 2015 by in Beer, DME, Fruit, Herbs | 0 comments

Blueberry Mugwort Beer Ingredients

We have been having hellishiy hot weather in California this summer and one night when it was too hot to sleep I decided to get up and make a batch of beer. Why not?

I have been a big fan of Pascal Baudar’s blueberry mugwort sodas so I decided to try it in beer form. It’s a very easy 1 gallon beer recipe for all you insomniacs out there. Give it a try.


1 gal. water
1lb. Breiss Golden light DME
1/2 oz. crushed coriander seeds
2 pinches dried lemon rind
2 pinches Licorice root
1 dried mugwort sprig
Pinch of Irish moss
Handful of blueberries macerated with Cachaca 51 sugar cane spirit and a handful of dried mugwort
1/4 cup Belgian Candi sugar (white)
A few grains of Paradise
Yeast: Nottingham Ale

Blueberry Mugwort Beer Wort

Brew Process

Boil water and licorice root to 170 degrees or boiling
Turn off flame and add DME, coriander seeds, lemon rind and mugwort sprig
Boil 30 minutes
At flameout add irish moss, grains of paradise (crushed) and Candi sugar
Cool to 70 degrees
Transfer to fermenter and add blueberry mix
Stir crazy to oxygenate
Add yeast

Blueberry Mugwort beer secondary fermenter

Blueberry Mugwort beer secondary fermenter

Ferment for 7 days
Transfer to secondary fermenter for 3 days
Bottle and wait 2 weeks (I think I just used table sugar for the bottles.)

Moment of Truth Tasting #1

Well this one was very under carbonated so I decided to re-prime it and put it back in my conditioning cabinet. The weird thing is that when I opened the remaining bottles they seemed pretty “fizzy.”

Moment of truth tasting #2

2 weeks later…
This is a pretty straightforward brew. It is a bit sour but not in a bad way. The blueberries are coming in more than the mugwort. All in all, very satisfying and drinkable. The lesson to be learned here is that there are ways. I this case I used these hard-to-find prime dose capsules that consist of both sugar and a little yeast. They don’t always work in these cases, but this time I was a winner.


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