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Teavana “Wild” Orange Blossom Tea Beer

Posted on Nov 27, 2015 by in Beer, Tea | 0 comments

All summer long I was making this outrageously delicious sun tea with Teavana Wild Orange Blossom Tea. It’s an interesting concoction that includes rose petals, dried oranges, various berries and who knows what else. Every time I drank it I thought, “I wonder if I can make beer with this?” Wonder no more…

Tasting Teavana Tea Beer

This turned out to be an excellent and very drinkable beer. First of all the color is off the charts gorgeous. I love how the red tea, malt, and sugar colors blended together. Carbonation is perfect. I have started testing corn sugar as my priming agent directly in the fermenting bucket. For this batch I used 1.15 ounces dissolve in 3/5 quarter cup of distilled water. I added this to the bottling bucket.

Now I need to test other teas. This is going to be fun…


1 gal water
50g Teavana Orange Blossom Tea
12 oz Jaggery sugar
Pinch Licorice root
1/16 tsp Yeast nutrient
6oz 2-row malt
Pinch Irish Moss
6 g Cascade hops

Brew Process

Tea infuserAbout 8 hours earlier brew tea in tea infuser with 3 cups of water.
Make sure tea is ready before starting next steps.
Boil water with crushed malt and licorice root in a “Brew-in-a-bag”
Reduce heat to about 150 degrees and boil for 20 minutes.
Remove BIAB and bring wort to boil.
Add 3g hops and sugar at boil.
Boil for 15 minutes
Add yeast nutrient and boil 10 minutes.
Add 3g hops and yeast nutrient at flameout.
Cool to around 70 degrees and strain into fermenter
Add yeast and ferment 9 days (Or when you think it’s done.)
Yeast used was Abbaye yeast. Use whatever you want to use.
Bottled with 1.15 oz. Corn Sugar in fermenting bucket.

Two weeks later, enjoy!

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