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Mr. Azteca (Beer) Mashup – Hibiscus

Posted on Dec 6, 2015 by in Beer, Flowers, Fruit, Liquid Extract | 0 comments

This 1 gallon beer recipe is yet another of my Mr. Beer mashups. Last month I purchased a can of “Mr Beer Azteca Cerveza” extract. It was really a very hot month so I thought mixing a Mexican style beer with flowers might be a nice touch. Unfortunately after I opened the can I noticed that it had expired last year. What the hell, I just went ahead and used it. One Mr. Beer extract can is good for 2 gallons of beer so I just used half a can and saved the other half for a different batch of beer.

Since hibiscus tea is a popular Mexican beverage I used hibiscus and some left over dried sweet orange peel to take it all to another level.

Everything went smoothly until I bottled it. I had some leftover carbonation tablets left over from my failed “Festivus brew kit,” so I decided to use them instead of priming sugar. Big mistake. When I first tasted this a few weeks ago, it was flat as a pancake. Zero carbonation. The flavor was good so I decided to try and save the batch in my “beer hospital.” This meant opening the bottles and quickly adding a “Prime dose” carbonation pill. “Prime Dose” is fairly expensive but each pill includes both sugar and yeast and can sometimes resuscitate no-carb beer. Usually it doesn’t really work but fortunately in this case I had a real “Festivus Miracle.”

Mr. Beer HibiscusThis is one fine brew. As I suspected, hibiscus goes really well with a Mexican beer flavor profile. The color is also gorgeous and reminds me of my “Teavana tea” recipe. Hibiscus can be very tart but I think the addition of sugar really helped balance it out. This is one fine brew.

I plan on doing more with hibiscus, but this might be the last time I use Mr. Beer. Vaya con Dios.

Ingredients for 1 gallon beer recipe:

1 gallon Water
425 grams Mr Beer Azteca Mexican Cerveza Extract
7 grams Dried hibiscus
4 grams Dry sweet orange peel
1/4 cup Sugar
Pinch of Irish Moss
Safale 04 yeast

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