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Mr. Azteca Mashup #1 – Coffee Cherry

Posted on Dec 12, 2015 by in Beer, Fruit, Herbs, Liquid Extract | 0 comments

This brew is the first part of yet another of my “Mr. Beer” hacks. I split a can of “Aztec Mexican Cerveza” liquid malt extract to make this as well as the Mr Azteca #2 one gallon beer recipes. Here’s the thing… the picture on the can looks like light, cheap Mexican beer. I am thinking something along the lines of “Tecate.” Refreshing, yet in need of salt, lime, and tabasco sauce. However when I opened the can, the extract was dark. I finally looked at the expiration date on the bottom of the can and noticed that it had expired over a year ago. Shame on me for not seeing that at BevMo when I purchased it. Since I was standing there with a large pot of boiling water and an opened can of extract, I decided to go ahead and use it. Vaya con Dios, as they say…

So here are the ingredients for 1 sketchy gallon of beerish:

425 grams Mr. Beer Azteca prehopped extract
1 cup of frozen bing cherries
20 grams ground coffee (I used home roasted Mexican coffee beans)
Pinch of licorice root
Pinch of Irish moss
1/8 cup turbinado sugar
US05 yeast


Boil 3/4 of a gallon with the licorice root
Add extract and boil 10 minutes
Add coffee and boil 5 minutes (coffee should be in a tea bag or similar BIAB)
Add cherries and Irish moss at flameout
Add water to make a gallon
Cool to 70F
Add 1/3 packet US05 yeast

Once again, these recipes should serve as inspiration for you own recipe ideas. For the most part I am improvising as I go along. This should tell you something about so called beer making rules. Basically there are no rules. Water, sugar, flavorings, yeast, and time. That’s how you make beer.

Moment of Truth

Mr. Beer hackThis is definitely not what I expected, but it’s not bad. The cherry flavor is barely noticeable and the coffee comes in a bit dusty at first but it’s there as a nice smokey end note. I think these two ingredients might work better in a darker beer and definitely in larger quantities. I also think that using fresh ingredients rather than a Mr. Beer extract is the way to go.

I do like this one.

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