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Pale Pear

Posted on Jan 23, 2016 by in Beer, DME, Fruit, Herbs, Malts & Grains, Spice | 0 comments

This is a beer about nothing and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

But first…

One of the great things about small batch brewing is that you can make use of fruit that is slightly past the edible stage and even slightly rotten. I snagged 3 of these sad pears from the kitchen at my work on a Friday evening. (They’ll never notice.)

I’ve always wanted to see if I can make a very, very pale beer and decided to use the pears in the mix. The ingredients are all very light except for the black sage. It was foraged from our local mountains. I also added some white sage for extra foraged craziness.
Funny thing is… this beer tastes like nothing. There is definitely a nice mouth feel and the carbonation and head retention is perfect but there’s almost no distinctive flavor. I know that adding fruit to brews early on pretty much cancels out any fruity flavor so I infused some vodka with pears and waited to add it to the bottles. This beer is a casualty of after work weeknight bottling because yup, the infused pears are still in my fridge. I guess I forgot to add them to the bottling bucket. No worries, there’s a cocktail in that pear vodka someplace.

The interesting thing I did discover from this half gallon batch is that this recipe could serve as a great base for adding fruit perhaps at day 7 in the fermenter. I am definitely going to try this.


1.2 gallon water
1/2 lb. Light dry malt extract
3 grams crushed coriander seeds
3 chopped pears
58 grams crushed white wheat grains
2 halves palm suggar rounds
1.11 grams dried lemon peel
1 gram Grains of Paradise
5 grams Czech Saaz hops
1/4 teaspoon yeast nutrient
1 gram gypsum
YeastL Safale-04


Boil water with grains in BIAB or cheesecloth
40 minute boil.
40 min. Remove grain bag and add DME and 4 grams hops
30 min. Add lemon and coriander seeds
20 min. Add palm sugar
10 min. Add yeast nutrient, 1 gram hops and pears
Flameout add grains of paradise.
Cool and ferment using Safale 04
Bottle after 10 days with corn sugar
wait 10-14 days and enjoy!

pale-pear-motDespite the blandness, this is still a pretty good brew. I have faith that it will only get better with future brews.

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