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MugFugg Brew

Posted on Feb 13, 2016 by in Beer, DME, Herbs, Malts & Grains | 2 comments

MugFugg beer ingredients

Mugwort beer is how I learned and was inspired to make brewing a serious hobby. Since I make so much mugwort beer I wasn’t going to post this but after sharing on twitter, the retweets blew up asking for the recipe so here goes..

Glass of mugwort beer

This is a hopped version of my basic Mugwort beer (the “Fugg” in MugFugg.”) I also added a few other ingredients that I normally don’t use in this brew. The addition of the Fuggles hops, grains and Japanese brown sugar really took it to another level and I think it’s one of my finest brews to date. I will taking a few bottles to share at the Wild Brew Fest in Santa Barbara next month.

So by popular demand, Here we go…


1 gallon water
1 lb. Light dry malt extract
1.5 oz. Crushed crystal 40 malt grains
2 tablespoons crushed Caramunich grains
1.5 oz. Japanese brown sugar
2 grams Dried Wild Mugwort leaves (Can also be found in herb shops and some brew supply stores)
2 lemons sliced in quarters (I used Meyer Lemons from a friend)
2 grams Gypsum
1/2 teaspoon Dried Licorice root
3 Dried Hibiscus leaves
Pinch of yeast nutrient
Pinch of Irish moss
Safbrew Abbaye Yeast
1/4 cup Demerara sugar
8 grams Fuggles hops
4 grams Citra hops


Boiled water with grains, licorice root and lemons
40 minute boil
40 – Turn off heat and add/dissolve DME, gypsum and fuggles. Then resume boil
20 – Add Japanese brown sugar. Dissolve.
15 – Add Mugwort
10 – Add yeast nutrient and iresh moss
5 – Add Citra hops
Cool down to 70-80 degrees F
Strain into fermenter and oxygenate (Shake fermenter.)
Add yeast and oxygenate.

On day 4 the fermentation seemed a bit stuck. This often happens when I use the Abbaye yeast. I added a bit more yeast and the Demerara sugar which revived the wort.

Total fermentation time was 10 days. First tasting was 10 days after bottling. Bottled with agave syrup.

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  1. What flavor does the Mugwort give the beer recipe?

    • Mugwort was one of the original bittering agents but it is an herb so it has a bit of an herbal flavor. Very distinctive. If you can find a mugwort plant to smell, that would be a good way to imagine how it would ferment

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