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Purple Rain for a Prince

Posted on Apr 23, 2016 by in Beer | 0 comments

I was really surprised to find myself stunned and genuinely saddened by the death of “The Artist” Prince. I am not sure if it was just the unexpected nature of the death or the fact that he was only 57 years old or the realization that we lost a truly interesting and individualistic performer and creator. He was someone who really gave the human experience his all. That’s true whether you liked his music or not.

Fortunately I was working from home the day he died so during my lunch break I was able to toss together a tribute to Prince in the form of a 1 gallon beer recipe appropriately called “Purple Rain.”

Here goes.. a little something from this game we call life.


14 cups water
1 12oz can Organic frozen grape juice concentrate
16oz. Liquid light malt extract (LME)
66 grams Crushed Aromatic malt grains
1.5 grams Crushed green Cardamom pods
6 grams Styrian goldings hops
3 grams Fuggles hops
1 gram Gypsum
60 grams Rock Sugar
Pinch of licorice root
Pinch of Irish moss
1/8 teaspoon yeast nutrient
Yeast = Belle Saison (Fifth of a dry packet hydrated)


Boil water with crushed aromatic grains (Inside a “brew in a bag” sock or cheesecloth) and licorice root
After boil strain the grain bag and remove.
Here is the 30 minute cycle for adding the remainder of the ingredients:
30 – Add gypsum, LME, and Styrian Goldings (Make sure it’s dissolved)
15 – Add Grape juice concentrate, and rock sugar (Make sure it’s dissolved)
10 – Add yeast nutrient and irish moss
5 – Add Fuggles and Cardamom pods

Cover and cool down to 70-75 degrees or so. Strain into fermenter and add yeast. Make sure the wort is aerated before covering and adding an airlock.

Fermenting time = 7-10 days with this type of yeast.
Bottle with equivalent of 1/2 tsp white sugar in each bottle (or whatever you usually use for priming.)
Beer should be ready in 10-14 days.

Purple Rain Fementer Day 2
It was bubbling away nicely the next day. I chose Belle Saison yeast becasue I know it’s very volatile and works fast. Most of the beers I’ve fermented with it are bottled after 7 days.

Hopefully it will turn out OK and even better if it’s fit for a Prince.

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