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Slow Jam

Posted on Apr 5, 2016 by in Beer, Citrus | 0 comments

Jar of Meyer & Meyer's Jam

Of course I love creating recipes for beer and soda but I also love naming my brews. “Slow Jam” was inspired when worlds collided between current events and the fact that I had just made over 30 jars of Meyer Lemon Jam (thanks to a generous coworker who needed to unload his bumper crop of lemons.)

The freeway system is an integral part of southern California life. It’s our lifeline to traverse this vast sprawl. When a freeway gets shut down, disaster sometimes ensues. The weekend I brewed this beer the 101 Freeway leading to Downtown LA was shut down in order to demolish a classic old (and famous) bridge in the area near the freeway. The news media called the event “Slow Jam.”

Getting back to beer making, I had been wondering for awhile if it was possible to make beer with jam. After all, it’s just a bunch of coagulated sugar. In theory it should work. So a beer recipe was born, appropriately called “Slow Jam.”

Glass of Slow Jam Lemon Beer,The recipe is a bit complicated so I will leave it out of this post, but the moment of truth tasting revealed one fine brew. Very lemony but not sour. I added a few hops for bittering and some Citra hops at flameout which complimented and reinforced the lemony flavor. Lemon beer fermenter with rum infused oak cubes. I also fermented it with oak cubes that had been soaked in Myer’s Rum since the jam also included Myer’s Rum. This was one of the batches I shared at the Wild Brew Fest in Santa Barbara last month and it was a huge hit. I will continue to explore jam infused beer making because who doesn’t like huge hits?

Speaking of Wild Brew Fest… I used that event to kick-off my upcoming newsletter which will be used to share additional recipes (like this one,) tips and tricks as well as resources that I find in my travels. Subscribers will also receive a discount coupon when my online beer making class arrives later this year. Sign up in the sidebar if you’re interested.

Thanks for all the support over the last year. I appreciate your comments and questions. I also have an active Facebook Page with more photos and inspiration.

Go home and make some beer.

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