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Making Speedy Summer Sodas at Home

Posted on Jun 28, 2016 by in Champagne yeast, Soda | 1 comment

During the summer months my beer brewing slows down and I find myself making more sodas. Soda is very easy to make and hits the spot on these super hot and muggy Southern California days.

Pomegranate SodaWhenever I post photos of my sodas on social media, I get lots requests for “recipes.” I’m not sure that people understand that soda is nothing more than fermented sugar water with flavoring, usually plants, added to it. I don’t use recipes but here are the 3 basic approaches that you can use to make delicious sodas at home. Bottom line, it’s up to you to taste every batch to your liking. There are a million variations on these approaches. I only make half gallon batches of soda since they don’t keep as long as beer and technically there is still some fermentation going on even when refrigerated.

Cold Infusions

  1. Add herbs, muddled fruit, and or spices to a glass jar or jug with good clean water. Cover and store this in the refrigerator over night. The longer it sits in there, the stronger the flavors. Once again taste to your preference.
  2. Strain infused water into another jar and add between 1/2 to 1 cup sugar depending on how sweet you want your soda. Taste, taste, taste.
  3. Cover and shake to dissolve the sugar as best as possible. Add a tiny bit of yeast. It’s best to use Champagne yeast since it works fast and doesn’t impart a lot of flavor. Alternatively use harvested yeast from berries or shrubs… (Another post.)
  4. Do not refrigerate. Cover with an airlock and wait until you see the first signs of bubbling in the airlock. Keep this concoction out of the sun while you wait.
  5. Transfer to “flip-top” bottles and wait anywhere from 12 hours to 24 hours outside of refrigerator. Anything beyond this time is dangerous and can cause explosions. FOR SAFETY REASONS ONLY USE FLIP-TOP BOTTLES.
  6. Place fermented soda bottles in the refrigerator until you are ready to drink it. Try and drink within a few days. (You probably will since it’s delicious!)
  7. ANOTHER HUGE SAFETY TIP. Fermented soda can be very volatile. Place your palm firmly over the top of the lid and press down while releasing the wires. You might need to burp it a few times before serving. Consider doing this in or near a sink.

Parsley Soda Brewing

Hot Infusions

  1. Add your desired herbs, spices, or fruit to a saucepan with 1/2 cup to 1 cup sugar. Cover with good, clean water.
  2. Bring to a boil, then remove from flame.
  3. Pour/strain into your fermenting vessel. Add more water to bring the total amount to the shoulder of your jar (or just below it.) Taste, taste, taste and adjust sugar.
  4. Follow steps 3 to 7 for cold infusions.

Cherry soda

Fermented Juices

  1. Buy fruit juice that doesn’t contain artificial ingredients (Or juice your own fruit.)
  2. Pour it into your fermenting vessel.
  3. Add water to fill the vessel to the shoulder of the jar or jug.
  4. Taste and add sugar if necessary. Most store bought juices are already very sweet.
  5. Optional: add a few herbs or spices to take it to another level.
  6. Follow steps 3 to 7 for cold infusions.

Parsley Citrus SodaNow you know the mystery of soda making. It’s super easy. No recipe required. Once you make a few basic sodas try experimenting with unusual ingredients to amaze your friends, coworkers and social media followers. They will probably want your “recipe.” ugh.

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  1. Awesome informative article Magda! Now I am ready to start!

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