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The main goal for this blog is to demystify the beer and soda brewing process so that you can see how easy it is to brew at home.

My basic approach is to not get hung up on “beer styles” or the usual rules of beer making. Beer is nothing more than making a big batch of tea, adding sugar and yeast and letting it sit for a couple of weeks (or less.) I enjoy wandering through farmer’s markets, and international grocery stores to find interesting beer making ingredients. I only make 1 gallon beer recipes so it’s an easy hobby for anyone to do at home without a big investment in time or money. It’s fun, magical, and delicious.

After tasting my brews, people often want to buy them from me or ask if I am interested in doing this for a living. The answer is “no.” I would rather teach you how to brew so you can have beer whenever you want than go into business selling this stuff. Feel free to use the contact form on this site if you have questions about any of the recipes or need advice. I am happy to help you make your own brews.

I’m not alone. The internet is full of brewing adventurers.

Join us!

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